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Hello from SP Counselling Service Ltd!

Updated: Jan 18

Hello everyone, my name is Shakeera Price, and I am the founder and Director of SP Counselling Service Ltd.

I started this company because I don't like to say no. It's not a great thing to admit, particularly when as a counsellor I regularly talk about boundaries and assertiveness but in a nutshell, I hate to say no to people.

I have been in private practice for a number of years now and I get lots of a enquiries about my Counselling and Psychotherapy services, but increasingly I was getting calls from people who really wanted to engage with therapy, but due to their financial situation they were unable to afford the session fee.

I was also very aware that a lot of these people were from marginalised or disadvantaged groups in society.

Private therapy is a huge financial commitment and for some people this makes accessing support beyond their reach and this barrier to support disproportionately impacts people from marginalised groups.

This is why I started SP Counselling Service Ltd, an affordable private counselling service.

Aren't there other avenues of support?

"Why don't they just go and see their GP and have support through the NHS?", I hear you ask.

My answer would be, for exactly the same reason as anyone else who considers private therapy! They don't want to join a seemingly never-ending queue of people to access support.

Often after waiting for support, people are offered 6-8 sessions of therapy and then discharged straight back to the end of the queue to start the process all over again. Not to mention the fact that the GP is often the gatekeeper to these services and.... who can get an appointment with their GP with ease?

At SP Counselling Service Ltd, we offer people the chance to access private therapy, on their terms.

People can self- refer and the number of sessions they have are not capped.

This service has been a lifeline to many people whom without it would have continued to struggle on their own and guess what... I don't have to say no to people anymore! Dreamy!

"I want to know more"

Great! You can find more information about SP Counselling service Ltd at or you can email us at if you would like to enquire about booking an appointment.

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