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Be your own Therapist- 10 Questions to ask yourself.

Do you want to build motivation, Identify your strengths and figure out what works?

Yes please!

If this sounds like it could help or if you just want to try something new, then go through these SP Counselling Service Ltd approved questions and have a go at being your own therapist for the moment.

Sorry I couldn't help myself, those of you who know the song above... enjoy saying this on repeat for the rest of the day.... like me!


1) What is the issue you are struggling with?

2) What are your hopes in terms of reaching a resolution or experiencing change of some sort with this issue?

3) What difference would changing or resolving this issue make?

4) Imagine for a moment that this hope is achieved... what would tell you that it had been achieved? What would you notice?

5) What do you think other people would notice that would tell them your hope had been achieved?

6) Indicate where you think you are with your issue on the scale below:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Worst Best

7) If you have indicated that you are above 0 then what is helping you to be where you are? What skills or resources help you to be at that point in the scale?

8) If you have indicated that you are at 0 then how are you coping at this point?

9) If you were to move one step up the scale, closer to best, what would this look like? What would be different?

10) What can you do now or later to move yourself one step closer to best?

The above strategy is based on solution focussed brief therapy techniques and these strategies can work really well in terms of helping you to start to problem solve.

There are some circumstances and situations that cannot be quickly solved or solved at all and instead have to be endured or tolerated.

This can feel very distressing at times, especially if you feel alone in that struggle.

If you feel that you need support with a situation like this or if you would like to talk things through with someone who will listen without judgement please contact us at SP Counselling Service Ltd. We want to help.

You can make contact by emailing us at

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